The EU single market is one of our greatest collective achievements. Now at almost 30 years old it presents unrealised opportunities that will come from further liberalisation of market barriers, a re-energised services agenda and the huge economic, societal, environmental and wellbeing gains of digital; identified by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen as the EU’s ‘make-or-break issue’. 

In the aftermath of COVID-19 and the challenges it has presented, Europe must avoid any temptation to become inward-looking and recognise that a truly harmonised single market and digital single market without barriers presents boundless opportunities for economic recovery   and future growth.

The pandemic has accelerated the economic and societal importance of further digitally enabled transformation of member states, public services, enterprise, and human interaction across the EU by several years.  Digital leadership is critical for Europe’s recovery and resilience. Embracing further technological change presents both opportunities and challenges. While progress is being made, the EU must not be complacent as much more needs to be done.

The EU must focus on policies which foster competitiveness.  Such as:

  1. Re-imagine the EU single market of the future;
  2. Lead a digital decade that is open for business;
  3. Safeguard trust in further digital transformation; and
  4. Create the right conditions to unlock future digital opportunities.
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Ibec Digital Policy

Digital policy leadership is critical to both Ireland and Europe’s future economic success and well-being. Ibec supports national and EU policies that provide the ambition and tools to enable our businesses, innovators, citizens and public services to succeed and lead in the opportunities offered by further digital transformation, enabling further innovation, quality jobs, better services and the delivery of other policy objectives.