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From pay and benefits, to policy, compliance, and more, Ibec’s research unit provides the data and insights that your organisation needs, providing you with up-to-date benchmarking evidence to support your decision-making. We also analyse current and emerging trends and conduct annual and one-off surveys on a broad range of topics, based on member feedback and current business priorities.

A wide range of reports is available to Ibec members, including an annual detailed analysis of pay rates for over 250 positions, as well as a series of reports on emerging business trends. We analyse developments in HR priorities and procedures, legislative compliance, conditions of employment and the wider business environment. We use the findings of our research to inform and shape Ibec’s policy and lobbying work, regularly producing reports on topical policy issues which support you in making key business decisions.

To participate or find out more about our research you can contact us on +353 1 605 1512

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Wellbeing / New research on wellbeing

Read the latest Ibec research report about wellbeing - including key metrics on wellbeing initiatives and a look at the future of wellbeing in Irish businesses

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New reports / Metrics

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Covid-19 / Covid-19 Research Updates

Covid-19 / Early Research Updates