HR Update 2019 report

The results of Ibec’s annual HR Update survey are in. As one of the largest HR surveys, we have sought the views of over 400 senior HR leaders on pay and key HR trends that will shape and influence organisations in 2020 and beyond. The survey results have been gathered
from companies across a broad range of industry sectors. A number of business-critical issues are on the horizon, not least Brexit, in addition to the potential impact of on-going global corporate tax reform and the effects that this will have for our economy. These, along with key issues such as
building resilience, lifelong learning and attracting and retaining talent, ultimately become the preoccupation of senior HR Leaders.

This survey report looks at the key strategic priorities and investments by companies in preparing their workforce to meet both the challenges and opportunities that these issues present. We also look at how our workplace is changing and the key factors influencing these changes
including changes in legislation in relation to gender pay gap reporting and the recent amendments to parental leave entitlements.

The survey tells us that whilst employers identify the need for future proofing their organisations in anticipation of changes, there is a tendency to focus more on the immediate challenges relating to labour market skills needs and business operations over the future strategic needs of business. From our members’ feedback, we see that some businesses are deferring decisions on investment due to perceived uncertainty in the economy and focusing their planning very much in the short term.

Read more by downloading the survey.

Ibec HR Update 2019 Key Pay and Trends pdf | 1417.4 kb

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