For Peace + Prosperity and Better Lives, Better Business campaign updates

January 20, 2023

Dear member,


Earlier this week, Ibec launched ‘For Peace + Prosperity’ to mark the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement (BGFA) and demonstrate the importance of peace and stability in supporting economic prosperity.


As part of this campaign Ibec published a new report ‘For Peace + Prosperity: The Economic and Social Benefits of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement’ which examines the positive impact of the BGFA on business cooperation and prosperity on the island of Ireland.


You can find a copy of the report, an explainer document on the BGFA, compelling case studies and stay up to date with our programme of events at our dedicated website here.

Ensuring Ireland is a great place to live and work continues to be a priority for Ibec, through our Better Lives, Better Business campaign. An inadequate supply of affordable housing is the greatest impediment to attracting and retaining talented workers, without whom business investment and expansions are not possible. 

To help address this issue, we are publishing a new report ‘Better Housing, Better Business’ advocating sustainable solutions to the housing challenge. 

At 10.00 am on 30th of January, Ibec is hosting a virtual event to launch this report and advance our campaign for better housing solutions. 

You can register for the event here. 

As always if you have any comments or feedback, please let me know. 

Kind regards, 

Danny McCoy