Ibec priorities for Cabinet decisions on Covid plan this week

April 26, 2021

The latest CEO Update to Ibec membership from Danny McCoy

Dear member, 

I attach below a letter to An Taoiseach issued today, setting out Ibec priorities for this week’s review of the Government’s Covid framework.  That the current plan is disconnected from society and business is clear and must move into a new phase to retain credibility.

In the letter, I have set out specific asks and will be following up tomorrow with all members of the Oireachtas and other relevant stakeholders.  Each ask is underpinned by an evidence-based approach and aims to encompass the needs of both business and society.  It is critical that Government communicates clearly this week on timelines that resonate with where we find ourselves at this stage of the Covid crisis.

The asks of business for the review of the Government’s Covid framework are as follows:

  1. Reopening of more businesses
  2. Provide clarity for businesses on the reopening timetable for the coming months
  3. Take material steps to address mental health risks for those working from home
  4. Address the significant constraints emerging in relation to public transport.

Best wishes,

Danny McCoy



Letter to Taoiseach on May 2021 Covid Framework review pdf | 181.6 kb