CEO Update: Turning the corner with a National Protocol for return and Brexit could yet be disorderly

May 08, 2020

The latest newsletter from Ibec CEO Danny McCoy to members.

Dear member,

A brief update before the weekend.

It does feel like we are turning a corner this week as companies are interpreting the Government’s Roadmap and the phasing of a safe return for the workforce. In this regard, the National Protocol for the safe return to work which Ibec colleagues have been working on under the auspices of the Labour Employer Economic Forum went to Cabinet today for approval. This is an important piece of practical guidance at this juncture and has been developed by Ibec with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, Government and its agencies as well as other representative bodies. It will provide a protocol to protect the safety and well-being of people at work as we turn this corner. We will also see a new communications effort from Government targeted at business aiming to create a better understanding on getting back to business and the various elements in preparing for that.

As we move ahead, the economic and social fallout comes into sharper relief and so too will the need for strong leadership from all quarters. Our ambition is that Ibec’s Reboot & Reimagine campaign, which launches on Tuesday, will provide a decisive strategy and credible narrative to support our collective effort to achieve a better and more sustainable Ireland.

Clearly Covid has taken most of our attention in recent months, but one thing that has not gone away is Brexit, and the cliff edge that we have railed against may now be more likely than ever. The tactic of the UK Government is to power through this difficult socio-economic phase for its country and while down as a result of Covid, it may also well decide to get Brexit concluded as quickly as possible during this depressed period. It is therefore possible that we may now be in a period of maximum risk for a disorderly Brexit at the end of this year. For a more detailed briefing on Brexit developments this week I attach a short update below.

I hope you enjoy the weekend ahead and very much looking forward to engaging with you next week on Ibec’s blueprint to Reboot & Reimagine.

Best wishes,

Danny McCoy
Ibec CEO

Ibec Update on EU-UK Negotiations 8 May 2020 pdf | 114.5 kb