Ibec's post Election campaigning

February 10, 2020

Dear member,

Following a seminal weekend for Irish politics, I want to update you on Ibec’s ongoing activity on the key issues for business as events develop in the weeks ahead.

Our campaign for this General Election engaged across the political spectrum on the business issues identified by you our members. The campaign issues of quality of life, taxation, sustainability and better law making will remain major elements to pursue in what will probably be the most significant Programme for Government negotiations in the history of the State.

The next phase of Ibec’s campaign begins today with a series of thought provoking statements, carried across major outdoor advertising locations and across print and digital media. Our objective is to provide leadership around quality of life challenges which dominated the election and continue to press that business and a successful economy must be at the centre of efforts to address the challenges that the country now faces.

Ireland is now experiencing major political and societal change and this will bring challenges for politics and policy making. Ibec will continue to major on the need for a societal approach to addressing the intractable challenges that the country faces and build on the widespread political support for our proposals for a new model of social dialogue and for a Commission for Taxation. These structured initiatives will help build consensus and ensure that all actors across the political landscape, society and the economy work together to help drive sustainable outcomes for all.

Please get in touch if you have any queries or comments, it’s always good to hear from you.
Best wishes,

Danny McCoy
Ibec CEO