Get Smart: Accelerating Ireland's Digital Ambition - Erik O’Donovan

February 07, 2020

I was delighted to record an episode of "Business at the Ballot Box" on future digital policy priorities for the next Government with Kieran McCorry, NTO of Microsoft and Liz McCarthy, Executive Director of Scale Ireland. We were all agreed that further digital development can enable more connectivity; smarter ways to meet public policy objectives; and smarter services in diverse areas including, health, energy production, transport and environmental monitoring. There was also broad consensus on the need to more in supporting further capacities in secure digital and data infrastructure; digital skills; and digital innovation and entrepreneurship in small and large firms across our economy and regions. 

So, what do we need to do?

1. The next Programme for Government (PFG) should reflect a strong political commitment to our digital agenda at both national and EU levels. 
2. A new overarching national digital strategy and a new national AI strategy should provide roadmaps for further digital development. An umbrella framework should enable government and relevant stakeholders to work together to drive a shared digital agenda. 
3. A dedicated Minister of State for Digital Affairs, with high level political support, should co-ordinate a resourced whole of government delivery of an ambitious national digital agenda and in engaging with our international partners.

 To listen to the full episode, please click below: