Excellence through collaboration

Blurring of traditional industry lines continues, with many healthcare solutions now coming from convergence across these industries.

In an important segment for medtech, we have already mapped out 200 digital health companies in Ireland, as part of our “Where Digital Health Thrives” campaign. Given this trend, we are advocating for a comprehensive national healthtech strategy to achieve our potential. With sales of €15.7 billion forecast in digital health alone by 2024, and strong growth projections year on year, it’s an attractive area to drive competitive advantage for Ireland. The importance of collaboration also extends beyond these partnerships.

Of the 450+ companies in Ireland, 50% are contract design, development, manufacturing, logistics and /or services. There has been a clear trend towards greater use of contract manufacturers by medtech companies with nearly 80% looking to improve collaboration according to pre Covid-19 research. In parallel with increased technological innovation and more complex business models, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the demand for collaboration underscored by specialisation. Thanks to our vibrant and well networked global hub we are well placed to increase our attractiveness.

We will advocate for the development of a national healthtech vision to enable the Irish medtech industry to collaborate across the healthtech ecosystem, impact the future agenda and deliver Irish economic prosperity.

To achieve this we will:

  • Encourage and lobby for government commitment towards a national healthtech industries strategy.
  • Encourage the formation of an aligned healthtech ecosystem forum in Ireland that will facilitate necessary collaboration, both nationally and internationally.
  • As the voice of business, build upon Ireland’s advocacy capabilities in key organisations to effectively represent the views and concerns of Irish business on key regulations and policies.

We will establish an ecosystem that will enable cross-stakeholder collaboration to sustain competitiveness through next generation innovation

To achieve this we will:

  • Build consensus and alignment across the medtech sector and relevant state agencies and other operators by working together to overcome common challenges and benefit from shared opportunities.
  • Facilitate active collaborations and partnerships between medtech, allied sectors and relevant organisations.
  • Establish best in class examples and showcase how collaboration can create positive long-term value between start-ups, SMEs, MNCs and other operators.

We will promote Ireland internationally as a Centre of Excellence and global leadership voice for medtech and establish new partnerships to enhance Ireland’s brand, reputation and attractiveness to industry globally.

To achieve this we will:

  • Further enhance Ireland’s international medtech reputation by promoting its success stories and its open, collaborative and value add approach to business.
  • Identify and establish new international connections and alliances with national and regional organisations.