Boost your business - September 2023 Intake

Polymer processing technologist apprenticeship can help you to compete nationally and internationally by future-proofing your organisation with a well-managed talent pipeline that combines excellent educational qualifications with special on the job training that ensures work-ready people graduate from the programme. The next Polymer Technologist Apprenticeship intake will start in September 2023, with the first 15 week academic block starting in January 2024. The apprenticeship will run in TUS Midlands (formerly AIT). To register your companies interest please click on the ‘Request a call back' below.


Representatives from across the plastics manufacturing industry developed this programme, so it is designed to meet the needs of organisations both large and small. Here are some of the key benefits identified by companies engaged in the programme:


Through structured funding, taking on an apprentice helps to lower recruitment and training costs.

Fresh Blood

Apprentices bring a fresh perspective, new ideas and a hunger to learn.

Increase Technical Knowledge

Through their study towards professional qualifications and the application of these learnings in the company, apprentices are building their technical knowledge which in turn feeds back into the business.

Increase Productivity

Apprentices are actively filling talent gaps and making businesses more productive.

How to employ an apprentice

Hiring an apprentice is really straightforward, but there are a few things that as an employer you need to be aware of:

An initial assessment is required to assess your company’s suitability to train.

You will need experienced staff members to act as mentors and/or supervisors

You must provide the apprentice a suitable role to facilitate their learning

Salary is set by individual company

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