Regulations governing Irish whiskey

Irish whiskey technical file/product specification
From 2008 to 2014, the then Irish whiskey producers in Ireland worked together to define the distinctive types of Irish whiskey and their unique production methods to secure ongoing GI status for Irish whiskey and its distinctive styles: Malt Irish Whiskey, Pot Still Irish Whiskey, Grain Irish Whiskey, and Blended Irish Whiskey.

The Irish whiskey technical file/product specification defines the processes involved in the production of Irish whiskey, protecting the traditional practices of production which give Irish whiskey its unique character. The Technical File allows for innovation in the production of Irish whiskey once it is in accordance with traditional practice.

This technical file/product specification was adopted by the Department of Agriculture and then filed with the European Commission in 2014. The technical file/product specification remains the responsibility of the Irish, UK and EU competent authorities.


Irish Whiskey Verification Schemes
All stages of Irish whiskey production are subject to verification schemes, administered in Ireland by Revenue and in Northern Ireland by HMRC.


Labelling of Irish Whiskey
In 2019, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland published the first-ever guidelines on the labelling and marketing of Irish whiskey. These guidelines are designed to protect consumers and were developed in consultation with industry. Download the guidelines below.