Electing for Business

April 24, 2024

Our vision to deliver this is an EU that is focussed on its strengths and competitiveness, that leads an inclusive and innovative digital decade, that puts sustainability at the heart of our prosperity, and that is open for trade and investment.

This year of change is an opportunity to strengthen our influence in the EU and to set out a vision for a more competitive, innovative, sustainable and open EU. To avail of this opportunity Ireland and Irish business must ensure its voice is heard at EU level and Irish citizens must exercise their right to vote in European elections. Never has it been more important to show the strength of democratic action.

The EU is central to our future success. The 2024 European Parliament elections are an opportunity to help shape that future. An opportunity to put strong Irish voices into one of Europe’s key institutions.

In this document we underline the importance of these elections and show the benefits and potential of the EU single market.


Ibec EU Electing for Business pdf | 1649.3 kb