CEO Update: Reboot and Reimagine with Ibec to campaign for a better Ireland

May 12, 2020

The latest CEO Update newsletter from Danny McCoy to Ibec Members. 

Dear member,

Today, we launch Reboot & Reimagine, the business community’s considered response to both getting our businesses back up and running but also to reflect the future challenges for our society.

The Reboot & Reimagine campaign is a careful build up through the Ibec membership across the 36 trade associations, the regional committees, the policy committees and the National Council. We have surveyed the CEOs and the breath of insight has provided a set of recommendations across six thematic areas:

- Engagement and crisis management
- Fiscal policy and stimulus measures
- Get people back to work
- Use the National Development Plan (NDP) review to stimulate investment
- Reimagine a better Ireland
- Seize international opportunities and address Brexit challenges

For each theme, our campaign outlines a comprehensive range of actions in three phases; 100 days, end of 2020, and the end of 2023. Among the key recommendations are a €15 billion reboot plan within the first 100 days of a new Government and an increase of €25 billion in the lifetime of the National Development Plan, through a combination of Exchequer, private and other finance.

The need for a reboot is obvious to all business leaders, especially the liquidity supports for small and medium businesses, but crucially it is also about the mechanism and channels of transmission to get the right finance in the right way at the right time.

It is also important that focus moves beyond the survival phase and that business leads on what is an opportunity to reset the relationship between business and society and address the clear challenges that existed before the pandemic and recent general election. We need a blueprint for the future, one that creates a better Ireland and it is my hope that Reboot & Reimagine will provide a credible one for us to influence and engage on.

Please find a link to our publication in full below. We have been communicating the details to media this morning and later today will execute a wide-scale reach out to political and other stakeholders. This is a comprehensive and living publication and I hope for our members it brings business into this critical national conversation.

Best wishes, 

Danny McCoy 
Ibec CEO


Ibec Reboot and Reimagine Campaign pdf | 9433.7 kb