Ireland has become a medtech success story with FDI multinationals and startups developing innovative medical technologies while adding investment and creating jobs across the country, with the sector being one of the most innovative in Europe, based on the number of patent applications filed with EPO.

As we look to the future, we need the right environment to maintain our competitiveness and access to new technologies to support innovation and upskilling of our worldclass talent pool, and continue to develop more innovative healthcare solutions for patients here in Ireland.

The process of bringing new products and services from initial concept to commercialisation is hugely complex. The Irish Medtech Association believes it is utterly crucial that Ireland develops core capabilities and expertise in the areas of innovation, research, development and commercialisation. Relative to our small economy, Ireland has achieved impressive capabilities within its medical technology industry. However, if the medical technologies sector were to fully exploit the country’s unique potential for collaboration with ICT and pharmaceutical companies, clinicians and academics – Ireland could become a leader in convergence technologies and product development.

Our objectives are to:

  • promote market-led innovation, research and development processes support the development of Ireland as a one-stop-shop taking medical products and services from concept to market
  • maximise research and commercialisation opportunities by developing new capabilities and synergies between industry sectors, academia and clinicians
  • align industry support and the medium to long-term objectives of companies towards innovation and research
  • increase the intensity and quality of R&D activity in Ireland
  • increase market segment ownership led out of Ireland and enhance Ireland’s reputation as a global location of choice for R&D activity

How to get involved / Working Groups

The Irish Medtech Association Research, Development and Design Working Group reviews and discusses R&D issues of interest to the medtech sector in Ireland to support best practice sharing and knowledge and skills development and support collaboration amongst key stakeholders. 

Who should get involved? R&D managers, professionals, design engineers, product development engineers, and persons with responsibility for R&D and/or design. 

Irish Medtech Association Director Sinead Keogh (firstname.lastname)  

The Digital Health Working Group has a vision to enable Ireland to become a recognised global hub for digital health, where companies can develop and commercialise products, as well as attract projects and investments. The Digital Health Working Group are leading a campaign that spans, a publication, slidedeck, ecosystem map, web page and collateral, as well as training and events.   

Who should get involved? Digital health leaders from Irish Medtech Association BioPharmaChem Ireland, and Technology Ireland membership    
Irish Medtech Association Senior Executive Ciara Finlay (firstname.lastname)

The Ibec Medtech and Engineering End-to-End Advanced Manufacturing Group is open to membersof the Irish Medtech Association, Polymer Technology Ireland and Ibec Engineering Network. This working group supports best practice sharing in the area of advanced manufacturing benchmark visits for Operational Excellence and Industry 4.0, along with market insights, skills training and policy development. 

The End-to-End Advanced Manufacturing Working Group’s brings together leading businesses to achieve the full potential of the cluster by: Building awareness of the value of  discrete manufacturing industries; Developing the existing manufacturing base with investments in Industry 4.0 and policies that support business growth; Targeting training to help develop the talent poolhere and make Ireland an attractive employment destination; Promoting collaborative relationships amongst stakeholders nationally and internationally 

Who should get involved? CEO’s, site directors, process R&D managers, operations managers, and product development engineers. 

Irish Medtech Association Senior Executive Adrienne McDonnell (