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The Irish medtech sector is recognised globally as being one of the top five global hubs for medtech, competing with the likes of competing with the likes of Massachusetts, Minnesota and California in the USA. This achievement is the result of the hard work and commitment from the sector to drive quality and create value for customers by delivering innovative processes and products that help patients around the world. To support and sustain this position as a global leader in medtech, it must be underpinned by robust business conditions while continuously striving towards business excellence. Businesses need to continuously develop strength and resilience within their organisations business units, leading to enhanced manufacturing of medical technology products and services in Ireland.  

To achieve this, several working groups across the Irish Medtech Association meet regularly; networks are established, frequent forums are held to share best practice and resources, and policies and supports are identified which will sustain business excellence into the future. The Irish Medtech Association works to identify, highlight and influence key areas of focus such as changes to the business environment, skills needs, and commercial strategy, and works to ensure stakeholders across the ecosystem to ensure the sector are informed and supported on all business matters.

How to get involved / Working Groups

The Ibec Medtech and Engineering End-to-End Advanced Manufacturing Group is open to members of the Irish Medtech Association, Polymer Technology Ireland and Ibec Engineering Network. As technology is a key-enabler for Digitalisation and Smart Factories, we also welcome members from the Technology Sector. This working group supports best practice sharing in the area of Advanced Manufacturing and Operational Excellence and Industry 4.0, along with market insights, benchmark visits, skills training and policy development. 

 The End-to-End Advanced Manufacturing Working Group’s brings together leading businesses to achieve the full potential of the cluster by: building awareness of the value of  discrete manufacturing industries; developing the existing manufacturing base with investments in Industry 4.0 and policies that support business growth; targeting training to help develop the talent pool here and make Ireland an attractive employment destination; and promoting collaborative relationships amongst stakeholders nationally and internationally. 

Who should get involved? CEO’s, site directors, the most senior person in your site responsible for Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence. 

Irish Medtech Association Senior Executive Adrienne McDonnell ( 

Europe is undergoing one of the biggest regulatory framework changes in over 20 years, with the incoming Medical Device Regulations and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Regulations with dates of application in 2021 and 2022 respectively. This represents challenges for companies who are navigating and transitioning from the Medical Device Directives and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directives. The Forum is comprised of QA/RA professionals who receive the latest information from Europe, regulators and notified bodies, and who engage in sharing best practice, developing homogenous interpretation and implementation of regulatory and standards requirements. Topics include auditing trends, information on skills and skills development, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and third country information.   

Who should get involved? QA/RA professionals, specialists, and quality engineers. 

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The Regulatory Steering Committee work towards promoting a positive regulatory environment, ensuring Ireland can continue to remain competitive and succeed in global markets. It informs Irish Medtech Associations' positions on regulatory matters, and shall where necessary, advocate on behalf of the sector on various national, European and global platforms. The group meets quarterly with the HPRA. The key driver for 2020 and beyond will be preparing the industry for the incoming MDR and IVDR regulations across Europe. 

Who should get involved? Senior Regulatory Affairs professionals with national, EMEA or global responsibility (invite only). 

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The Ibec Medtech and Engineering Leadership Development Taskforce aims to increase the number of women working in medtech and progressing into leadership in the, engineering, polymer technology, and biopharma sectors in Ireland. The key areas to build capability are, career guidance, diverse slates, and flexibility, they are explored along with business case studies from the working group in the strategy ‘Inspiring girls, supporting female leaders’.  

Who should get involved? Senior leadership and HR managers  

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The IR/HR Forum reviews and discusses employment and industrial relations matters of interest to the medtech and engineering sectors in Ireland. This forum works closely with the Ibec Employer Relations Division who provide frequent updates on the latest insights into employment legislation. This forum supports members by updating members on the latest IR/HR trends, providing information on skills and skill development, and best practice and knowledge sharing amongst HR professionals in the medtech, polymer and engineering sectors.  

Who should get involved? Senior HR partners, HR Directors, HR Managers 

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The sterility assurance forum provides a platform for industry to input into developing and revising international standards relating to sterilisation methods and associated test methods utilised in the industry. This forum is comprised of approximately 70 members that meet several times a year. Topics include; sharing sterility assurance best practice, product bioburden (human handlings); auditing trends in sterilisation; clean room set up and more. 

Who should get involved? Sterility assurance specialists, microbiologists and quality associates 

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 OHS/EHS Professionals from the medtech and engineering sectors have an opportunity to get together to share best practice, case studies and knowledge around the latest OHS/EHS trends impacting the sectors. OHS/EHS receive up to date information from relevant stakeholders and Ibec’s OHS/EHS Experts. This includes the latest OHS/EHS legislation from HSA, WHO policy and guidelines, and offers individuals chance to network with likeminded professionals.  

Who should get involved? OHS/EHS Professionals from the medtech and engineering sectors 

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Harnessing opportunities for Ireland to respond to growing global healthcare demands and growth of exports are key priorities of the Irish Medtech Association’s commercial working group.   

 The group, comprised of leading medtech professionals in market access, commercial strategy and sales and marketing actively scans the ecosystem and identifies new commercial opportunities, host thought leadership forums to discuss market insights, impacts of changing models, and promote measures for future success.   

 Organisations in the Irish Medtech ecosystem are varied and diverse in their size and activities and require tailored commercial strategies to best support their stage of development or commercialisation. With the right supports, Irish medtech companies have a unique opportunity in Ireland to attract, build and grow their commercial activity in Ireland. This is a continuously and rapidly evolving field and Irish Medtech Association strives to support the skills, competencies and proficiency of commercial teams in Ireland.   

Who should get involved? Commercial directors, senior sales and marketing professionals/managers, market access professionals/manager. 

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The Irish Medtech Association PR Taskforce plays a key role in supporting Irish Medtech Association strategic pillar to achieve the full potential of the cluster by building awareness of the value of medtech. The PR Taskforce drives projects such as radio campaigns, newspaper supplements, publications, and media engagement, as well as participates in the annual European MedTech Week campaign.    

 Who should get involved? Public relations, marketing, and corporate affairs professionals  

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Medtech industry develops technologies that transform and saves patients' lives. We as an industry have a responsibility to patients, to healthcare providers and the healthcare system. The collaborative relationship between medtech industry and healthcare has achieved many milestones in delivery of healthcare and therapeutics, and is a fundamental pillar in ensuring the delivery of safe, quality and valuable products.   

It is vital that patients and healthcare professionals are provided with these lifesaving technologies in an ethical way to ensure quality of care and good business practices. The medtech industry has a further responsibility to safeguard the compliance and integrity of the industry, by promoting the highest ethical standards amongst key stakeholders.   

The Irish Medtech Associations compliance and ethics group promotes ethical business interactions between healthcare professionals and the Medtech industry, ensures Ireland has positive reputation among our industry and Healthcare Professional and Healthcare Organisations, and builds awareness of Irish Medtech Association Code of Ethical Business Practice and Healthcare Organisations. The group is led by the Code of Ethics Committee.   

Who should get involved? Legal and compliance professionals. 

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