The COVID-19 crisis has taken a severe toll on society and the economy. The exemplary response of all in Ireland cannot be overstated as we face continuing adversity at a personal, societal and economic level.

Not alone has the social cost been deep, we are also living through the sharpest compression of economic activity in living memory. Moving through this crisis, it will be important to focus on the financial services sector as a vehicle by which we can rapidly recover and reboot our economy.

Given the resilient response of the financial services sector, this report provides a unique insight into how the sector can become a source of growth for Ireland. Informed by a survey of FSI members, several recommendations are proposed that will enable Ireland to seize the economic opportunity now evident in the financial services sector. 

FSI will continue to work collectively and collaboratively with all stakeholders.  

Please read full report below:

Ireland future through finance pdf | 2518.9 kb

Ireland’s financial services sector at a glance