The modern workplace has diverse generations, disciplines and cultures working together so clear communication can be a challenge.

Attendees will be invited to review their own technical documents and how they currently utilize digital communication tools (email, messaging, etc.) to identify the  areas for improvement.

Collaborative, problem-based learning is facilitated as a method to develop workforce skills within the participating organizations.

Day 1 - Morning on 19th September

·   Making your writing structured for quality documents.

·   Making your writing clear and concise

·   Handling style, tone, and voice

·   Handling typography, images, tables, captions

·   Approaching various engineering genres

·   Structuring your time when drafting, collaboration and reviewing.

Day 2 - Morning of 26th September

·   Sharepoint/wiki pages as portal for projects and organizational information

·   Instant messaging, best practice, and potential pitfalls

·   Getting to know your communication and tracking tools. Peer to peer learning and putting a training plan in place

·   Good Document creation, sharing and collaboration habits


This course utilises a whiteboard tool called “Miro” – learners will be guided to register for free usage beforehand.

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Start Date September 18, 2023
Delegate Price €230 (+VAT)
Type Virtual events