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Innovator of the Year Category 2024 / Winners

ZEUS Scooters
ZEUS Scooters Winner in the Innovator of the Year category

ZEUS Mobility makes city travel easy, enjoyable and environmentally friendly. It has a fleet of 9,000 electric scooters available for short and long-term rental in 60+ cities in Germany and the UK. ZEUS is nominated in two categories in this years SFA Awards; Innovator of the Year and Exporter of the Year. Leading the way in sustainability for the industry, ZEUS has launched the world’s first solar powered charging station for shared e-scooters. Born global, establishing operations in Germany in 2020, ZEUS has since expanded to multiple markets delivering seamless, sustainable urban travel.

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Innovator of the Year Category 2024 / Finalists

ATC Finalist in the Innovator of the Year category

Established in 1991, ATC provide clean energy solutions to improve the comfort and well-being of society for future generations. We are committed to providing energy efficient, smart, controllable products which deliver value for our customers.

ATC supplies Electrical Wholesalers across Ireland and the UK, with a range of Electric Heating, Hand Dryers and Ventilation products. We serve the Commercial, Hospitality, Residential, Sports & Leisure, Education and Healthcare industries. We work closely with Electrical Wholesale Sales Personnel, Electrical Contractors, Contracting Engineers, Electrical Specifiers and Facilities Managers. For over 30 years, we have inspired trust in our partners and through talented people, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding service and support.

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Dynamic Electrical
Dynamic Electrical Finalists in the Innovator of the Year category

Dynamic Electrical was established by Eddie Nolan in 2020. Eddie served his time as an electrician & worked up to Operations Director with one of Ireland’s leading electrical engineering contractors, which in turn brought vast experience working on commercial, industrial pharmaceutical & data centre industries. Dynamic Electrical specialise in fire suppression for distribution boards. Clients include HSE, NHS & major pharmaceutical companies across Ireland & the UK. Dynamic Electrical are the only company that offer on-site live demonstrations for our potential clients which gives them great incite & assurance of the capability of our system to extinguish a fire.

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Klearcom Tech
Klearcom Tech Finalist in the Exporter and Innovator of the Year categories

According to Accenture the switching economy is worth ¤6.6T annually. Today, customers don’t complain, they switch. 83% of people avoid a company forever due to a poor Interactive Voice Response (IVR) experience when they ring a business.The Klearcom SaaS platform tests IVR’s & Voicebots are working globally for multinational call centers. Multinational call centers have a blind spot on their performance in country. We help our clients avoid customer outages & prevent churn due to poor delivery of technical services. When problems do arise Klearcom finds them faster, fixing them sooner. Our AI platform will automatically analyse the full customer call path, benchmark performance and alert on every single issue across 95 countries. We provide an holistic view of the call from customer to agent using a single test & platform.

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OnePageCRM Finalist in the Innovator of the Year category

OnePageCRM is the world’s first action-focused CRM. It is a combination of a simple contact database and a powerful productivity tool. OnePageCRM’s users can set time-sensitive tasks next to any contact and sort them by due dates, not just alphabetically or by company name. This CRM is used by small businesses in over 80 countries and has been recognised by Forbes as one of the best simple CRM systems in 2024. Despite its simple interface, OnePageCRM offers advanced features to support growing businesses: workflow automation, drag-and-drop sales pipeline, email sync, dynamic dashboard, free mobile apps, and much more.

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On-site Refueling
On-site Refueling Finalist in the Innovator of the Year category

On-site Refueling is a tech-driven mobile energy delivery company on a mission to fuel the energy transition. We deliver conventional and renewable fuels directly to fleet vehicles nationwide, lowering carbon emissions, reducing costs, and providing access to renewable fuels. At a time when the urgent desire to transition to a more sustainable energy future is far outpacing the development of infrastructure, On-site Refueling provides a critical solution for customers — no filling stations, truck stops, or off-route trips required. Our solution that is better for customers, our community, and the planet, made possible with our breakthrough fuel management technology to save companies in labour, fuel costs and reduce their environmental impact.

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Waterford Distillery
Waterford Distillery Finalist in the Innovator of the Year and Sustainability categories

Waterford Distillery was founded in 2014 led by noted whisky industry champion, Mark Reynier (CEO). The company has gone on to individually harvest, malt, ferment, distil and mature single malt whisky from over 100 individual farms across Ireland. Waterford Distillery makes only double-distilled single malt Irish whisky – entirely from Irish-grown produce. Our revolutionary single malt range includes Single Farm Origin whiskies – single malts that represent just one of the 100+ farms we harvest from, as well as radical Cuvée Concepts, the first of their kind in world whisky, which bring separately-matured single farm whiskies together for greater complexity.

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