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Exporter of the Year Category 2024 / Winner

Klearcom Tech
Klearcom Tech Winner in the Exporter of the Year category

According to Accenture the switching economy is worth ¤6.6T annually. Today, customers don’t complain, they switch. 83% of people avoid a company forever due to a poor Interactive Voice Response (IVR) experience when they ring a business.The Klearcom SaaS platform tests IVR’s & Voicebots are working globally for multinational call centers. Multinational call centers have a blind spot on their performance in country. We help our clients avoid customer outages & prevent churn due to poor delivery of technical services. When problems do arise Klearcom finds them faster, fixing them sooner. Our AI platform will automatically analyse the full customer call path, benchmark performance and alert on every single issue across 95 countries. We provide an holistic view of the call from customer to agent using a single test & platform.

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Exporter of the Year Category 2024 / Highly Commended

HYDE Irish Whiskey
HYDE Irish Whiskey Finalists in the Food & Drink and Exporter of the Year categories

HYDE Irish Whiskey is a premium range of multi award winning Irish whiskey matured and ‘finished’ to perfection in the idyllic landscape and temperate climate of West Cork, Ireland. The Hyde family has been involved in bonding fine Irish whiskey for over ten generations, since 1640, at the Hyde family pub at “Tinker’s Cross”, just outside Bandon, West Cork, Ireland. HYDE hand-select only the very finest oak casks from around the world to give each HYDE Irish Whiskey its distinct taste and character. The focus is on the art of wood management and cask maturation to create Irish whiskey which is rich in character and unique in taste. HYDE Irish Whiskey – A true taste of Ireland.

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Exporter of the Year Category 2024 / Finalists

Burren Smokehouse
Burren Smokehouse Finalist in the Food & Drink, Exporter of the Year and Sustainability categories

Burren Smokehouse is a family-owned artisan smokehouse operating in food tourism offering experiences B2C and B2B, retail in our visitor centre and ecommerce B2C with a database of 10,000 private mail-order customers. The wholesale business operates in Ireland to independent retail like Fallon & Byrne, multiples like Dunnes Stores and Simply Better food service, to hotels like Ashford Castle, The Merrion Hotel and The Marker Hotel. Some wholesale is for export to independent retailers and food service. Sustainability is core to the Burren Smokehouse that source 100% Irish organic salmon, mackerel, trout, and eel for smoking and have achieved numerous product awards. Celebrating 35 years in business. Certified by Origin Green and Burren Code of Practice.

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Loughran Brewing Stores
Loughran Brewing Stores Finalist in the Food & Drink and Exporter of the Year categories

Loughran Brewing Stores delivers hops, malt, yeast and other brewing ingredients to brewers throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe. We work with suppliers and producers from around the world who share our values of quality-first farming and care for the environment through pioneering sustainability practices. This includes Crosby Hops™ and Indie Hops of Oregon, USA, Hop Revolution™ of New Zealand, Germany’s BESTMALZ, Belgium’s Castle Malting®, and even our own family barley farm in Dundalk. Ingredients from Loughran Brewing Stores help brewers from the likes of Whiplash, Wicklow Wolf, Galway Bay, DEYA, Northern Monk and Verdant brew some of the best beer on the market.

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OCEANR Finalist in the Exporter of the Year category

OCEANR are an eco-conscious clothing brand dedicated to Ocean Conservation. We collaborate with organizations all over the world who are focused on ocean health to custom design premium apparel made using recycled plastic and sustainable materials. Transparency is key to how we operate, we run a lifecycle analysis across our product range providing insights into the environmental impact of our garments benchmarked against industry standards. As part of our mission to protect our oceans, every item purchased helps fund fishers across the Mediterranean and Kenya to fish for plastic - this year we commit to removing 30,000 kilos of ocean waste!

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ZEUS Scooters
ZEUS Scooters Finalist in the Exporter and Innovator of the Year categories

ZEUS Mobility makes city travel easy, enjoyable and environmentally friendly. It has a fleet of 9,000 electric scooters available for short and long-term rental in 60+ cities in Germany and the UK. ZEUS is nominated in two categories in this years SFA Awards; Innovator of the Year and Exporter of the Year. Leading the way in sustainability for the industry, ZEUS has launched the world’s first solar powered charging station for shared e-scooters. Born global, establishing operations in Germany in 2020, ZEUS has since expanded to multiple markets delivering seamless, sustainable urban travel.

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