With the hospitality sector opening to a greater extent, we’re delighted to relaunch our #BeSound campaign, which encourages consumers to act respectfully and #BeSound when visiting pubs, bars and restaurants.

We all have our part to play to ensure venues remain safe and enjoyable for all so we are asking consumers to continue to follow these steps:  

Respect the guidelines

Most of us are well-used to or aware of the safety measures in the hospitality sector, such as limits on table numbers, social distancing between tables, mask wearing between tables, and in some cases virtual menus. There’s also plenty of hand sanitizer, cleaning by hospitality staff and, where possible, windows will be kept open, with plenty of ventilation. While there are a number of required measures, things may vary from venue to venue, so keep an eye on the signage and instructions from staff. And remember, if you’re heading to indoor hospitality, you’ll need proof you’re fully vaccinated or have recovered from Covid, plus a photo ID. #BeSound and Respect the Guidelines.


Respect the staff

Many of us are looking forward to seeing our favourite bartenders or hospitality staff again.  It’s been a tough year for them, but it’s great that many are back to work. They’re working hard to make sure everyone has a good time, and is kept safe, so be patient, respectful and follow their guidance.  #BeSound and Respect the Staff.


Respect each other

Customers play a big part in creating the atmosphere in the bars, pubs and restaurants we love.  While everyone is there for a good time, it’s important that we all respect those around us and make sure the experience is enjoyable for all. #BeSound and Respect Each Other.


Key Messages

  • While things will be a little different for a while, Ireland’s pubs are ready with the craic and connections we’ve all missed over the past year, and everyone is excited to get back.
  • With the hospitality sector opening to a greater extent, everyone is encouraged to #BeSound when visiting pubs.
  • Whether you’re returning to your favourite local, or visiting a pub on a staycation in the coming weeks, remember to respect the guidelines, respect the staff, and respect each other.
  • If we all work together, we can help keep each other safe, while ensuring we all have a great time.

Get involved

Below you will find some resources to allow you to get involved with this campaign, here's what you can do:

  1. Use the digital assets on your social platforms and remember to use the #BeSound hashtag
  2. Incorporate our assets or messages into tailored communications
  3. Tweet about the campaign using some of the sample tweets
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