Irish Whiskey: Working across our shared island

April 11, 2023

The Irish Whiskey industry is proud to work across our shared island.

In 2022, the all-island export value of Irish whiskey exceeded one billion euros for the first time, confirming the importance of our unique all-island industry to our shared economy, north and south.

Irish Whiskey is an all-island geographic indication, governed jointly by the European Union and United Kingdom. This means a product can only be labelled and sold as Irish whiskey if it has been fully distilled and matured in wooden casks on the island of Ireland.

The Irish Whiskey industry depends on long-standing all-island supply chains. Every year, millions of litres of Irish whiskey spirit; and tens of thousands of tonnes of Irish malt, barley and other grains cross the border every year.

Irish Whiskey is proud to be an all-island industry – delivering for our island’s shared economy.


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Irish Whiskey: Working across our shared island

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