Bernie McMeel, OSH Executive,  Knowledge Centre and the Head of Statistics at the HSA and the Irish Representative at the European Chemicals Agency ECHA’s Socio Economic Analysis Committee, Eimear Leahy will discuss the recently published HSA Annual Review of Workplace Injuries, Illnesses and Fatalities from 2021.

In this webinar , Bernie and Eimear will discuss  the trends in reported Accident and Incidents to the Health and Safety Authority since 2021. They will analyse the statistics to look at the current picture painted by the data, the impact the statistics have on employee’s health and welfare, and how the data can be used to help to reduce the number of accidents, incidents, and lost time in the future

Start Date February 27, 2024
Time 10:00am
Duration 15 Minutes
Delegate Price Free
Type Webinar
Contact knowledgecentre@ibec.ie