The mission of Drinks Ireland|Irish Whiskey is:

To protect, promote and represent the Irish Whiskey category, in Ireland and globally; in order to secure the position of Irish Whiskey as one of the world’s leading spirit categories.

The work of Drinks Ireland|Irish Whiskey entails:

  • Protecting and promoting Irish Whiskey geographic indication (GI).
  • Registering the name Irish whiskey as a protected designation in international markets and taking enforcement action against infringing products.
  • Providing a strong voice and advocate for our industry on regulatory, international trade and market access issues – with increased international lobbying activity in recent years.
  • Promoting the Irish whiskey category and Irish whiskey tourism.
  • Providing educational and networking opportunities for members.

    As the representative voice within Drinks Ireland for the Irish Whiskey industry in Ireland, Drinks Ireland|Irish Whiskey shares our common Vision and Objectives.

    Our Vision

    To build a strong, constructive foundation for our industry and product to thrive in an evolving social landscape. To make Ireland the best country in the world to start-up, innovate, scale and internationalise an alcohol drinks business.

    Our Objectives
    To provide a clear structure and strong evidence base for maintaining the future health of our industry. To ensure we continue to deliver high quality, responsibly priced, innovative products that suit the evolving, more balanced needs of our modern customers. To work with others and use our influence to greatly reduce cultures of excessive or harmful drinking and reboot the ‘Irish relationship with alcohol’ to one where balance is central.