Irish Gin

Gin does not have “Protected Geographical indication” /Geographical Indication (PGI /GI) status.

In cooperation with Drinks Ireland, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland issued guidelines for the Marketing and Labelling of Irish Gin in July 2020 (the first time anyone, anywhere issued any guidance relating to gin).

These guidelines outline the rules that a producer of gin who wishes to call their product ‘Irish Gin’ must follow:

While guidelines are not as prescriptive as technical rule it is strongly encouraged that members producing Irish Gin abide by what is outlined in these guidelines.

The gin guidance encompasses everything from the use of place names in sales terms; to the listing of allergen information; to the packaging material used and it is hoped that it will help producers in complying with the regulations. It sets out an approach to ensure the correct use of marketing materials and terms which do not mislead the consumer when it comes to labelling Irish gin.

The aim is to help food business operators ensure that gin produced in Ireland is labelled correctly – and not just on the bottle either. Statements made on the labels of the products, as well as statements made as part of information on websites, leaflets and/or on other media forms are included in the FSAI guidance.”