Irish Cream Liqueur

Geographical Indication (GI) is a name which identifies a product as:

  1. originating in a specific place, region or country
  2. whose given quality, reputation or other characteristic is essentially attributable to its defined area of origin, and
  3. at least one of the production steps of which take place in the defined geographical area.

Ireland has three GI spirits categories (recognised under Regulation (EU) No. 110/2008) of which Irish Cream liqueur is one:

The technical rules which a producer of Irish Cream liqueur must follow to produce this GI compliant product are as follows:

The verification process for Irish Cream liqueur is undertaken by DAFM:

By virtue of it’s being an all-island GI the Government of the United Kingdom also recognises Irish Cream liqueur as an EU GI and as a UK GI. Further information can be found here