The Discover Irish Whiskey series is a collaboration between Irish Whiskey Magazine and Drinks Ireland|Irish Whiskey

The new series will bring together the very best of Irish whiskey and showcase the depth and diversity within the category. Hosted by industry expert John Cashman and Editor of Irish Whiskey Magazine Serghios Florides, the #DiscoverIrishWhiskey series will feature a panel of leading figures from across the industry to debate and explore Irish whiskey in an edgy and informative setting.

Episode 1 - What makes Irish whiskey unique?

The first in the #DiscoverIrishWhiskey series hosted by Irish Whiskey Magazine, where we take a deep dive into the Irish whiskey category, asks "what makes Irish whiskey unique?". With contributions from some stalwarts of the Irish Whiskey industry, including three master blenders. 

Episode 2 – How are new distilleries shaking things up?

The second in the #DiscoverIrishWhiskey series hosted by Irish Whiskey Magazine, discusses how new distilleries are shaking things up for Irish whiskey. With contributions from some of the leading characters from Ireland’s new wave of distilleries.

Episode 3 - A world-leader in cask finishing

The third episode of the #DiscoverIrishWhiskey series discusses Irish whiskey’s emergence as a world-leader in cask-finishing. The effect of different wood and cask types – and where maturation takes place – on the taste profile of Irish whiskey is debated.


Episode 4 - What’s in it for the connoisseur?

The fourth episode of the #DiscoverIrishWhiskey series asks what does the Irish whiskey category have to offer to the connossieur. Our panel considers the increasing premiumisation of the Irish whiskey category and debate swhat the global whiskey consumer is looking for?


Episode 5 – Mixing it up!

The fifth episode of the #DiscoverIrishWhiskey series sees four of our industry’s up-and-coming star communicators join the panel to discuss the rise of the Irish whiskey cocktail.