Digital health roles

Digital health includes technologies, platforms, and systems that used for health purposes.

  • In medtech this includes connected devices, and remote monitoring.
  • In pharma this includes how drugs are discovered and developed.

Digital health roles in medtech and pharma are relatively new. Most are in the area of ‘digital and broad innovation’ with a focus on strategy and partnership building.

  • In medtech roles require an understanding of Software as a Medical Device to comply with the regulations as well as cybersurity to protect data gathered and shared.
  • In pharma roles require an understanding of user experience as focus shifts from drug development and delivery to medical adherence.

Research insights

  • Nearly nine out of 10 research respondents said their Irish operation will play a key role in their digital health activities, and they intend to invest.
  • As many as 1,901 digital health roles are to be added by 36 of the businesses consulted in the research.
  • Ireland is already ahead for availability of essential skills in software development, advanced data analytics and information management/cybersecurity.
  • Irish digital health sector is uniquely focused on R&D, and key priorities for upskilling are in product design, coding, and artificial intelligence.
  • More than four out of five (83%) of companies have partnered with other businesses to develop digital health solutions.
  • More digital health employees in Ireland previously held a role in the industry with 13.5%, compared to 10% in the US, and 8.3% in the UK.