TechCEO Forum

The TechCEO Forum is a by-invite network of software CEOs & Founders that can support each other in building and scaling software companies in Ireland.

The CEO Forum (now in it's 25th year of operation) is a trusted and confidential place where CEOs can exchange ideas, get answers, solve problems, hear new ideas and share perspectives.

  • Participate in round table discussions where members present their biggest challenges for unbiased feedback and support
  • Get ideas, information, opinions, solutions and objectivity from other successful CEOs & Founders
  • Gain the advantage of other CEOs objectively looking at your company in a way neither you nor others around you can
  • Learn from the successes of others
  • Learn from the mistakes of others so you won't have to make them yourself
The Forum is by invite-only, and is chaired by Alan Coleman, Founder & CEO, Brite:Bill.