Women in Tech Company Initiative

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This category is open to both Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) & Irish-owned / indigenous companies.

The Women in Tech Company Initiative of the Year Award will recognise a company which has demonstrated a strong commitment to attracting, retaining and developing women across its workforce.

Women are under-represented in the technology sector with only 19% of women employed in technology companies or in ICT roles in other industries. However, a strong representation of women is needed to increase the participation of women in senior roles and on boards, to ensure an adequate pool of talent, to foster innovation and to connect with female consumers who make the majority of buying decisions. Increasing the number of women in technology has the potential to boost company performance and foster more inclusive workplaces.


This award is open to technology companies or companies from any other industry with IT or digital departments. Companies of all sizes are encouraged to apply. The award is aimed at identifying and highlighting companies in the sector that demonstrate best practice.

The entry may be centred on company strategies, programmes, initiatives or activities which;

  • attract more girls and women into STEM
  • support young women in STEM Careers
  • enable working conditions which have increased the participation of women in the workforce
  • support the development and advancement of women through the career pipeline
  • foster women leaders within the organisation
  • or have introduced other activities to increase the participation and/or support the development of women in technology.