Tech 4 Good - Product/ Service Award

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This category is open to both Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) & Irish-owned / indigenous technology companies.

Tech 4Good – Product/ Service Award recognises where a tech company has made an exceptional contribution of benefit to wider society through their product/ service offering. The award will highlight the unique contributions that only the technology sector can provide to support our communities and enrich people’s lives.

Digital technology and technology companies can help us address the serious challenges that the world faces today, and it can help deliver change fast and at scale. Tech 4 Good welcomes applications showing improvements in (but not limited to) education, health, the workplace, or lifestyle.


The company entering should show evidence of the following points:

  • Companies must show the nature of the challenge or situation that the product/ service addresses
  • How the technology was applied that supported the changes and improvements
  • The impact this product/ service is having on the business and/or those working on the project.