Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet

At the core of the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet portfolio is the unique access to industry-led programmes and domain expertise for the development of the technology skills and competencies to help deliver impactful and tangible benefits for your organisation. Today, the rapid changes in technology, the new business models and the move towards digital transformation, can be daunting for any organisation. By constantly horizon scanning and creating innovative programmes for industry which reflect this ever-changing landscape, we can assist you in adding new assets to your balance sheet namely “Skills, Competencies and Human Capital”.

Joining enables you to access high quality training for a fraction of the market cost. Only private or commercial semi state companies are eligible to join. There is no fee to join.

Technology Ireland DIGITAL Skillnet

Technology Ireland DIGITAL Skillnet is the National Training Network for the Software Technology sector in Ireland. The Network receives government funding under the Skillnet Ireland Training Networks Programme to support firms in the sector with subsidised training and education programmes. The mission of the DIGITAL Skillnet is to enable companies with software technology functions, to remain highly competitive, by facilitating active talent development and continuous up-skilling for staff.

The aim of the network is:

  • To support software and digital technology companies to remain at the cutting edge of skills and knowledge.
  • To enable companies to gain access to staff training and development programmes which are aligned to their current needs.
  • To work with educational bodies in strategic partnerships to develop new educational solutions to meet new software sector needs.
  • To provide funding support for staff training thereby lowering training costs for companies.
  • To extend up-skilling opportunities to more employees and companies across the sector.