Concerns of delays to implementation of AVMS Directive

November 02, 2021

Responding to the report, Director of Technology Ireland, Una Fitzpatrick said: “Technology Ireland and its members have been consistent in supporting the goals of the OSMR in providing a systemic approach in regulating online platforms and digital services.

“The Committee’s report unfortunately does not reflect the urgency of establishing the Media Commission and implementing the Audio Visual and Media Services (AVMS) Directive. It instead is introducing a host of new issues that are not directly related to the core objectives of the Bill and raise complex issues of interaction with other legal codes including GDPR. Pursuing these recommendations would inevitably lead to further delay.”

She added: “The report talks about Ireland being among the first countries in the world to provide such regulation, but the reality is that Ireland will be among the last EU member states to implement the AVMS Directive which provides this framework.”

Technology Ireland have welcomed the Committee’s call for the Media Commission to be adequately resourced, with the appropriate expertise and capacity to undertake its important role.

Ms. Fitzpatrick said: “There is still an opportunity for the Oireachtas to act quickly, implement AVMS and establish the Media Commission, allowing industry and other stakeholders to get on with the task of raising the standard of protection for all users of online services.”