Leaving Certificate Computer Science Flyer

August 31, 2022

Technology Ireland are pleased to share the following flyer promoting the uptake of Leaving Certificate Computer Science. This flyer has been designed in conjunction with our members, and the Department of Education Leaving Certificate Computer Science sub-group. 

The flyer looks at:

  • Why you should study computer science
  • How to know if the subject is for you
  • What you will learn when studying computer science
  • What the career prospects are for someone who studies computer science
  • What the outlook is like for a graduate in the technology sector

This flyer is for students, parents, teachers, guidance counsellors, and anyone looking to learn more about Leaving Certificate Computer Science. Computer science is for everyone, including you! 

LCCS Flyer Technology Ireland pdf | 3661.2 kb LCCS Flyer Technology Ireland_version Gaeilge pdf | 3671.8 kb