January 01, 2021

Technology Ireland is the representative body for the technology sector in Ireland and is the authoritative voice driving effective change for the sector. Together with our European counterparts we are delighted to support this blueprint strategy for a stronger DIGITAL EUROPE.

The technology sector in Ireland is thriving, with exports and employment in both indigenous and multinational technology firms continuing to grow.

Since 2013, the sector in Ireland has grown at an average of 12% per annum. In the last 7 years, 40,000 jobs have been announced by technology companies in Ireland. The digitally intensive sector now directly employs over 210,000 people here.
Underpinning Ireland’s success is a strong digital Europe.

Our aim is to drive more ambitious and harmonised European market integration for companies to grow and create value in a global digitised economy.

Within this document we have identified a roadmap to nurture values, solidarity and cohesion throughout Europe. We are striving for a Europe where digital technologies, innovation and artificial intelligence can provide better jobs, better health and better public services to the people of Europe.

We have highlighted the key areas which need to be addressed by decision makers in government, public sector institutions, and industry.

This strategy seeks to support the creation of jobs and skills for the future, allowing businesses in Europe to remain competitive and empowering them to grow sustainably.

This growth will benefit society and represents an investment in our future generations, whilst enhancing trust, privacy and security for European citizens.

Technology Ireland are delighted to endorse and support the implementation of DIGITALEUROPE’s ‘Call to Action towards 2025’.

The future of Europe is DIGITAL.


Technology Ireland A Stronger Digital Europe pdf | 2608.1 kb