All you need to know about the awards

General application tips

  • Please ensure that all answers are completed on the application form and that you have selected the correct category that you wish to enter.
  • You may enter multiple award categories but a separate application form must be completed for each category.
  • Please carefully read the criteria that apply to each category so you can ensure that your answer is relevant. Judges will be marking your entry regarding the specific criteria set out.
  • Where a question indicates a maximum amount of words for an answer, this is a guide to ensure that answers are not too long. It does not mean that your answer needs to reach the particular amount stated.
  • Please read the rules of entry provided on the website to ensure your company is eligible for entry.
  • Submit your saved application form before the closing date - Friday, 27 October 2023 at 5pm.
  • Save a copy of the completed document for your own records, this will be automatically emailed to you once you submit.

If you have any queries please email