Debt Warehousing Scheme Information Session with Revenue

January 17, 2024

The SFA and your Local Enterprise Office (LEO), in association with Revenue, held an online information session on the Debt Warehousing Scheme on 17 January 2024. SFA was joined by Principal Officers from Revenue's Collectors General's Division - Maureen Marray and Davena Lyons.

This webinar provided information on Phased Payment Arrangements (PPA) and what the application process looks like.

Local Enterprise Office also joined to give information on how you can look for financial mentoring.

Information on the Scheme:

The Debt Warehousing Scheme was introduced at the start of the pandemic and allowed for the deferral of the payment of VAT, PAYE (Employer) and certain self-assessed income tax labilities, including TWSS and EWSS overpayments. The scheme allowed for the parking of the debt at 0% interest up to 31 December 2022 for the majority with a significantly reduced interest rate of 3% applying thereafter. Businesses availing of the scheme must either pay their warehoused liabilities in full by 1 May 2024 or agree a Phased Payment Arrangements (PPA) by that date.

Topics covered:

  • Brief overview of the scheme
  • Key messages for SMEs in managing their warehoused debt
  • Repayment options available in the run up to 1 May 2024


The Q&A wasn’t recorded in this webinar. In case you still have questions on the Phased Payment Arrangements (PPA) submission, or you are in the Debt Warehousing Scheme and haven’t yet contacted Revenue, please contact Revenue’s Collectors General’s Division on 01 – 7383663 as soon as possible.


Watch the Recording