Government report on employment cost hikes mirrors concerns of small businesses – Small Firms Association

March 06, 2024

The Small Firms Association (SFA) have reacted to the newly-published report on the cumulative cost of government-imposed labour market reforms. The SFA want Government to tackle this problem as soon as possible in order for small businesses to remain financially viable. The report confirms the significant and cumulative increases facing the business community with small businesses being less likely to absorb the current and incoming labour costs over the next two years.

SFA Director, David Broderick said: “Arising from the publication of this report, the Small Firms Association are demanding swift and decisive action to assist small businesses with increased labour costs. As it stands, many viable small businesses are barely able to keep their heads above water due to these costs. This may result in radiancies or worse still, certain businesses closing down.

The SFA strongly supports a form of a targeted PRSI rebate in order to assist businesses with these employment costs in the short term. Small businesses are the lifeblood of communities throughout the country and they need to be supported. The PRSI rebate is one of the SFA’s key policy priorities for 2024.”


Issued by Jonathan McDade, Public Affairs Lead SFA,

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