End of year Rewards

November 20, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, and the anticipation of Christmas fills the air, it's time for businesses to take a moment to reflect on the year's accomplishments and recognise the dedication of their staff.

Through the Small Benefit Exemption Scheme you can now gift an employee up to €1,000 tax-free, thanks to the increase in the BIK limit. This means businesses can reward their employees with up to €1,000 per annum in One4all Gift Cards, exempt from tax, PRSI, and USC charges, potentially saving up to €1,313.54* per employee. The maximum reward of €1,000 can be split across two payments in one financial year.

The BIK limit marks a significant opportunity for business owners to boost employee morale and reduce costs simultaneously. As Christmas approaches, seize this moment to demonstrate your appreciation for your employees and their unwavering dedication.

Supporting Irish Retail

Something One4all are proud of is when you choose One4all Gift Cards, you're not just rewarding your employees, you're also supporting Irish retail. The closed-loop gift card system ensures that the funds can only be spent in Ireland through Irish retailers which helps boost the local economy and is great for Irish jobs.

The One4all Chip & PIN Gift Card allows for higher value loads above €150. This card complies with EU directives for consumer protection, requiring photo verification for gift cards with values over €150 to prevent online fraud. Recipients can use this card in the same way as a traditional One4all Gift Card for in-store and online purchases, ensuring convenient shopping experiences. The One4all Digital Gift Card is a contactless alternative to traditional gift cards. It can be customised, purchased, and sent online through our website.

One4all aims to provide customers with peace of mind when purchasing our rewards products. All funds on One4all Gift Cards are held in a segregated account, and we're regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Your employees' money is protected, and you can trust us to handle it with care.

In summary, the opportunities provided by the increased BIK limit, the versatile One4all Gift Cards, and the secure options offered are not to be missed. By choosing One4all, you're not only recognising your employees but also supporting Irish retail and contributing to the local economy. It's an investment in both your team's well-being and your business's success and you'll be set to finish the year on a high note.

For more information, email corpsales@one4all.ie or visit www.one4allrewards.ie to place your order today.

*Figure of €1,313.54 is based on giving €1,000 net to an employee on the 40% tax band paying full PRSI and USC.