Extended Producer Responsibility model for packaging

April 12, 2023

Ireland ended self-compliance on 31 December 2022. The Programme for Government, published in June 2020, committed to strengthen the Extended Producer Responsibility model for packaging, to ensure the coverage of the full net costs related to the separate collection and treatment of the end-of-life products. It also committed to end self-compliance as an option under EPR, to ensure that all producers are equitably treated and to remove potential loopholes.

To comply with their obligations under the packaging regulations, 'major producers' are now required to become a member of an approved body. Repak operates Ireland’s only existing approved body for packaging. Previously, producers had the option to 'self-comply' under local authority oversight. However, this has been removed.

To assist producers impacted by the change, Repak will provide switcher assistance for 'major producers' who previously self-complied.

The regulations come into operation on 1 January 2023 and the legislation can be found on the Irish Statute Book website.

Repak members are charged based on the weight and type of packaging placed on the Irish market. Repak do ask their members to report exports for information purposes in terms of packaging leaving the country. However, packaging reported on the export line does not incur a fee.

Regular members of Repak pay fees on the basis of a shared responsibility model. This means that although the brand holder / importer / pack filler pays the bulk of the Repak fee, other businesses along the supply chain who either manufacture packaging or distribute / retail it can pay a portion of the cost.

You can see details of the Repak Regular membership and the breakdown of fees across the supply chain here.

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