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January 31, 2023

Better Business is a magazine dedicated to the small business community, brought to you by the Small Firms Association.


In this edition, we chat with KTI Manager Imelda Lambkin on how engaging with research centres can help small firms grow. We look at the accountancy profession and learn about the importance of managing cashflow for the year ahead.


In this edition, we hear from Nick Lawlor, MD at Employees Financial Wellness, on how effective wellness programmes are key to employee wellbeing and Fredericka Sheppard, Joint MD at Voltedge Management, outlines how to retain you best employees in 2023.


Our sector spotlight examines sustainability in the constructions sector, we dive into food reformulation with the FSAI and remind readers that February 6th is a new public holiday.


Click here to read the digital edition, featuring SFA member companies such as Servecentric, Thermodial, MBSL, Idiro Analytics, Keogh Partners and many more.


Better Business is the magazine of the small business community. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and ideas to or on Twitter @SFA_Irl.

From all the team at SFA.