Skellig Six18 Irish Gin

Skellig Six18 Gin is an artisan, premium, handcrafted Irish gin distilled in small batches on the Skellig Coast in Cahersiveen, Co. Kerry.

Skellig Six18 Gin is best savoured with tonic water, ice and a slice of pink grapefruit, a simple combination that brings out the crisp fresh flavours in the gin, and the citrus burst gives it the perfect finish.

Developing a complex liquid, rich in flavour and depth means Skellig Six18 pairs beautifully with a variety of foods. The perfect aperitif to stimulate your appetite.

Skellig Six18 came to be after a group of people with deep connections to Cahersiveen, inspired by the grit, resilience and muinín of both the monks of Skellig Michael and the people of South Kerry, decided to return home and pursue a vision of opening a distillery and establishing a global brand. Long careers in law and chartered accounting were left behind to drive forward a brand which seeks to showcase the unique character of the area.The distillery employs 10 people.

Skellig Six18 Gin is distilled in small batches, with seven separate distillates to ensure the optimum taste is delivered from the different botanicals. These are blended slowly over six weeks resulting in an Irish gin with smooth taste where the flavours are well integrated.

With a total of ten botanicals, the defining aromatics include carefully chosen locally foraged Yarrow, fresh Douglas Fir needles, Birch sap and Dillisk leaf, delivering a herbaceous gin with citrus and pink grapefruit notes.

Skellig Six18 is inspired by the wild beauty of the Skellig land and seascape that is defined by the tenacity, muinín and grit of the 6th century monks who decided to build their monastery at the edge of the known world.

Off the Wild Atlantic coastline, this ancient monastery can only be reached by climbing six hundred & 18 stone steps that lead to the top of Skellig Michael. This has been their inspiration and where the story of Skellig Six18 begins.

In creating their Skellig Six18 Gin, they have stayed true to the land and seascape and local community, collaborating with land and sea foragers, chefs and fishermen, who helped in the selection of a range of unique local botanical ingredients, that have been used to create this premium artisan, pot still Irish Gin.