Shortcross Irish Gin


Rademon Estate Distillery has launched 8 unique editions of Shortcross gin since opening in 2014.  The classic Shortcross Gin is distilled with key botanicals, elderflower, elderberries, wild clover and apples foraged from the gardens and forests at Rademon Estate. It’s a classic juniper led gin with a big oily mouthfeel and long smooth finish.  It’s recommended that it’s served over ice with elderflower tonic water and an orange peel garnish.

Other variants include Bartender Series Gin which features apples, blackberries and pears from the Walled Garden at the Estate with a twist of raspberry and grapefruit, and Rosie’s Garden gin a naturally flavoured pink gin with no added sugar that takes strawberries and raspberries from the estate and is named after Fiona’s mother Rose.

Rademon Estate Distillery is a family business founded by David and Fiona Boyd-Armstrong. Today that business has expanded to employ 9 staff.

Their signature gin is Shortcross Irish Gin which is sold in ten markets.

Shortcross Gin is distilled on a custom made 450L Copper Pot Still and two Enrichment Columns to create an aromatic and exceptionally smooth gin.

Shortcross Gin is distilled in the heart of County Down at Rademon Estate Distillery. Shortcross Gin takes its inspiration from the forests and gardens of its home. Rademon Estate is dense, lush, verdant and alive with nature meaning it’s a botanicals playground.

Hand foraged wild clover, elderflowers, elderberries and apples are combined to create a classical juniper forward gin with uplifting floral notes, smooth and sweet flavours with a long smooth finish.