Method and Madness


Method and Madness Irish Gin is the first gin to be introduced within the hugely popular Method & Madness range, created by the masters and apprentices at the Midleton Distillery in Co.Cork.

A gin with distinctive herbal and citrus notes, it’s perfect served in a whiskey tumbler with pared back garnish, ice and tonic water.

With Method and Madness  Irish Gin, the liquid does the talking.


Method and Madness Irish Gin emerged from the experienced minds of the masters and apprentices at Midleton Distillery.

One such mind is Larissa Marrichi, who started her career at Irish Distillers on the Jameson Graduate Distiller programme in 2018. Larissa is originally from Brazil and has been living in Ireland for the last five years. After 10 months on the programme, she was promoted to Distiller at the Micro Distillery in Midleton and worked on the METHOD AND MADNESS Irish Micro Distilled Gin.


Method and Madess Micro Distilled Irish Gin is the result of liquid experimentation at the Micro Distillery in Midleton.

It was created in ‘Mickey’s Belly’, Ireland’s oldest gin still, and contains 16 eclectic botanicals led by Black Lemon and Irish Gorse flower; giving it notes of citrus and spice with a measure of chaos.


Method and Madness Irish Micro Distilled Gin was inspired by historic gin recipes dating back to 1798, which have been preserved in the Midleton Distillery archive, written by a rectifier in Cork, called William Coldwell.