Kinsale Gin


Kinsale Gin is a versatile Irish Gin, handmade with care in small batches, which works in either in a G&T or a gin-based cocktail.

Floral notes of meadowsweet, elderflower and elderberries are combined with an exotic aroma of lemon verbena and lemon geranium to dance around spicy juniper.

The sweetness from the elderflower, combined with the bitterness of our juniper berries, create a balanced yet exquisite explosion of taste.


Kinsale Spirit Company was founded by Ernest Cantillon, Colin Ross and Tom O’Riordan.

The three felt that the town of Kinsale, known for its excellent food and drink, was perfectly suited to produce a gin, which puts locally sourced ingredients at its core.

Today it employs X people.

The company will officially open its distillery in Kinsale next year.


The flavour of Kinsale Gin is that of the countryside surrounding Kinsale, combining handpicked local botanicals to create a great Irish gin.

Local ingredients are gathered seasonally and sensibly. A priority of the Kinsale Spirit Company is to do so while protecting local wildlife and ensuring future growth is catered for.

Local ingredients contribute to the 21 botanicals that have been carefully chosen to bring something spectacular to the final product.