What is intellectual property?

April 25, 2023

The Intellectual Property Office of Ireland is based in Kilkenny and providing clear and comprehensive information on the importance of intellectual property (IP) to the SME sector is one of our main objectives.

So, what is intellectual property?  Typically, its patents, trademarks, designs and copyright and these links provide straightforward information on each.

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4 Reasons 4 Copyright - IPOI

IP should always be a part of your business strategy, whether you are thinking of starting up a business or already running one.  Your IP could be one of your most important assets.

It’s important to take a look at your business and determine what rights might be relevant to you and consider where you might wish to seek protection.

Where is the potential IP in your business? 

  • It may be in your business name, which could be registered as a trademark.
  • It may be in a method you use to make your product and could be protected by a patent.
  • Many businesses create original works in their day-today activities.Your website content, marketing literature, catalogues and even manuals could all be protected by copyright.
  • There may even be intellectual property in a design aspect of something you produce.

Protecting your IP assets can provide you with a competitive edge and prevents others from using your name or products within your protected jurisdictions. While it is not compulsory to protect your IP rights, you should still be aware of others protected rights to avoid infringement.

There are also a range of supports and resources available to help SMEs obtain IP rights.  Click here for more details Support and Resources for Businesses - IPOI

Check out our website www.ipoi.gov.ie for further information or contact us directly at ipinfo@gov.ie

The IPOI team also will be attending the Building Better Business events nationwide so please come talk to us with any IP related queries.