Small firms gather at Business Connect 2022

March 09, 2022

The Small Firms Association is today bringing over 400 small and large businesses together at a special event in the Aviva Stadium. Business Connect provides a platform for small firms to learn how they can win contracts with larger companies and how to position themselves correctly to deliver value. 

Now in its fifth year, Business Connect is an exciting marketplace event designed to give delegates a window into the decision making and purchasing processes of Ireland’s leading companies. 

Speaking at the event, Graham Byrne, Chairman of the Small Firms Association and CEO of Flender, stated: “Irish indigenous businesses are the backbone of the Irish economy, Small Businesses represent half of private sector employment in Ireland and also account for 99% of all businesses located here, with 92 per cent of these being “Micro”, i.e. having less than 10 employees”.

“Today’s Business Connect event offers small companies and suppliers’ valuable insights from procurement experts in large companies, State agencies and the financial sector on how to navigate and secure a large indigenous or multinational B2B customer.”

“As we emerge from the pandemic, many challenges remain for the small business sector. Many are still dependent on Government supports to prevent liquidity crises and this will need to be managed prudently in the coming months. Tax Warehousing is going to be a pressing issue in the months ahead and needs to be delt in a pragmatic way by Government and the Revenue Commissioners. In addition, the Green agenda is not one which the small business community should shy away from. It is well established that we are the innovators – and what better opportunity for innovation than the Green Economy. Small businesses will meet the challenge head on,” Mr Byrne said.

“But with challenges also come opportunities – we are open and trading, which is a sea change from where we were when I addressed you last year.”

For larger businesses, today is all about networking with smaller businesses, setting out your procurement requirements and learning how small business can help you to always be first movers in terms of new product and services” Mr Byrne concluded.