SFA disappointed at working from home recommendation

November 17, 2021

Speaking after the Government announcement this evening, Small Firms Director Sven Spollen Behrens commented: “We are disappointed that we are now at a place where this recommendation of a return to remote working has been issued. Of course, we acknowledge the public health situation we find ourselves in but since the outset of this pandemic, small firms have always been at the forefront of following the guidelines such as the work safely protocol to the letter”.

Mr Spollen Behrens continued: “Government must now look the longer-term picture of what the response will be when spikes of Covid flare up. Continuous system of openings and closing are not sustainable in the longer term. This will affect the rejuvenation of small towns and villages all over the country who rely on office workers for trade”.

Mr Spollen Behrens concluded: “Financial support must now be firmly on the table in regard to closures including the continuation of EWSS, PUP and commercial rates waivers. Small business will continue to support the work safely protocol, including the return to remote working to an extent, but office work must be allowed to continue for those workers for whom it is a necessity.”