SFA welcomes clarity around return to office and further easing of restrictions

August 31, 2021

Speaking today on the announcement on further relaxation of covid restrictions, SFA Director Sven Spollen Behrens said: “We welcome the move to begin winding up of all Covid restrictions as we move to a highly vaccinated society, most importantly small business owners will have clarity around transitioning back to office-based work safely.

“As people transition back to the office, it is important that the Work Safely Protocol is updated with guidance for employers on how to manage this transition” Mr Spollen Behrens continued.

“It has been a difficult road for the small business community and considerable investment has been made by SFA members to ensure that their office environments are safe for returns, but clear guidance from Government and the HSA is needed to ensure that everyone can have peace of mind.

“Not only is the return to office vitally important for collaboration and innovation within a business but the absence of office-based workers has been acutely felt in our town centres and business parks.

Mr Spollen Behrens concluded: “We welcome the announcement that live events and trade shows may also resume. The events industry was one of the first to close in March 2020 and has been one of the last to reopen with some capacity conditions still in place. As we move towards a full relaxation of restrictions, these capacity limits must be lifted.”