Playback SFA Employment Law Autumn Training Series

November 18, 2022

View the recordings of our latest SFA Employment Law Autumn Training Series, covering a range of topics essential to your small business.

  • Remote Working: Occupational Health and Safety Considerations – listen back here.
  • Overview of Family Leave Entitlements – listen back here.
  • The Importance of Recording Working Time – listen back here.
  • Employer Responsibilities - Christmas Parties & Work Social Events – listen back here.

The final webinar in the SFA Employment Law Autumn Training Series; Employment Legislation – A Year in Review takes place on Wednesday 07 December at 11:00am. You can register here. This webinar will review several key pieces of legislation, codes of practice and other developments that impacted the employment relationship during 2022. We will also look ahead to 2023 and highlight what employers can expect.

If you would like to see the SFA cover any other HR topics for future webinars, please reach out to the SFA HR Executive, Fiona Mulligan on fiona.mulligan@sfa or ring 01 6051557 to express your interest.