MentorsWork reveals the skills business leaders need for greener future

October 20, 2022

MentorsWork were delighted to have sponsored the All Island Bioeconomy Summit in Tullamore on 12th October to share key business leadership insights. Supported by the Small Firms Association and the Irish Bioeconomy Foundation, the event brought green businesses and key stakeholders in the green economy from all over the Island to kickstart Ireland’s Bioeconomy Week.

Presenting the importance of management skills for the Green Economy, MentorsWork Programme Manager, Rachael McFarlane, explored the opportunities and challenges SME business leaders face.

Some of the key qualities that propel company leaders ahead [of the game] is incorporating a green vision within the company’s plan, and fostering creativity to find innovative solutions to these rising challenges. Communicating those green values among employees and stakeholders can also be used to build trust and engagement and prove to be vital in a business’ sustainability strategy.

It is crucial for businesses to understand how they can spread awareness of their values both within and outside their companies, which is why developing these management skills allow business leaders create a bigger impact. Availing of government funded initiatives such as MentorsWork can help owners take their leadership skills to the next level.

MentorsWork is an IITD award winning 12-week business development programme that provides mentoring and support to SMEs across all private sectors in Ireland. Owners and leadership teams are taken through an in-depth assessment and referred to one or more of our 84 mentors. Alongside these one-to-one tailored sessions, the programme offers in-depth interactive Workshops, expert-led Masterclasses and an online learning platform. Over 1,500 SMEs have already completed the programme with a 98% highly satisfised rate as well as a 6-month actionable business development plan.

Valuing the incredible opportunity gap for SMEs across all sectors, MentorsWork has developed a consulting offering for SMEs who have participated in the programme with a specific Green stream initiative to help business owners and team leaders navigate through the incredible opportunities of Ireland’s ever greener future.

To benefit from the programme, register through the MentorsWork website